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Organ Needles

THE ANTI GROUP  ‘ORGAN NEEDLES “ is a limited special edition Box.Containing a USB Printed Slim smart Card which contains 13 new unreleased works including  9 Collaborative works  with Carl Michael Von Hausswolff / Jack Dangers / B J Nilsen / Stephen Thrower / David Knight / Tez Maurizio Martinucci / Mykel Boyd / Shara Vasilenko / Coagulant /Bob Lowoski / Michael Esposito / Sarah Rosalena Brady .

6 New Video pieces including full length Videos for ORGAN NEEDLES / MAGNETIC STONE / AL-JABR OF DESIRE / MITHRAIC DISC  / THOUGHT FORMS / DEAD MACHINES. The Box also contain 10 Signed Double sided Printed Original & exclusive Artwork Cards by Adi Newton and the Box also contains a specially printed  TAG / Organ Needles Tote Bag.All materials used in the production are Eco-Recycled.

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